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    In a world where there seems to be either a law or regulation covering every conceivable human activity, one might be forgiven for concluding that anything involving money or a gathering of more than three people might require some kind of official sanction, license, permit, or registration with some obscure government office. As with most seemingly unnecessary regulations, the only likely purpose of such a license is to prevent some high-ranking government official from being
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    What Is a Nonprofit? A nonprofit organization or business has elements that a for-profit business doesn’t have. Nonprofits are established to benefit society in some way and their main goal is not to gain personal monetary profit from their contribution to society. There are three elements that are indicative of a nonprofit such as: Having a mission that focuses on a benefit to society without their goal being for a profit The organization or business
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    There are times in our lives where unexpected accidents or emergencies come up and our normal income and savings just will not cover everything. We can ask friends and family for assistance, but even that might not cover everything. Thanks to the internet, there are donation services that allow us to make a case for help from total strangers, tapping the reserve of empathy and charity of others in order to make ends meet. But
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    The advent of crowdfunding and the concurrent dramatic expansion in non-profits in both the United States and around the world, has presented many business owners with more than a few not-so-easily-answered questions. At last report, Kickstarter, the leading crowdfunding destination site on the web, has collected more than $3.5 billion for nearly 400,000 projects since 2009. Many crowdfunding sites don’t accept donations for the traditional kinds of projects non-profit organizations manage. But the truth is