• charitable donation
    The short answer to this question is yes, but it is assuredly a qualified yes. This operational policy does not exist for some businesses because of the classification of contributions and revenue actions. Non-profit organizations can choose to consider payments from specific individuals as either dues or donations, but companies that are focused on marginal cash flow will have a difficult time using this policy effectively in terms of accounting. An example would be an
  • poker
    You either own or are a part of a nonprofit organization, and you are trying to come up with great ideas to raise money. Car washes, door-to-door donations, and bake sales can get old after a while. You are looking for something that is not only interesting and fun, but that you can involve your local community in as well. “How about a poker night?” someone suggests. Poker is a fun game, can involve lots
  • divorce lawyer
    For anyone that is going through a divorce, then you need to try and make sure that you find someone to represent your interests. This is because in divorce cases there can be a lot of tricky legal issues to navigate around. And if you hire a lawyer, it should be someone that specializes in family law. If you do not hire a lawyer and try to handle your divorce by yourself, then you would