The Don't Panic Foundation

By Sam Villani

In Memoriam, C. Scott Doyle

The Don't Panic Foundation was started after I became involved with getting my friend - the person who taught me to play the bagpipes - home and taken care of after he was critically injured in a BASE jumping accident in May of 2009. His name was Scott Doyle and he was a master firefighter and paramedic with the Montgomery County, Maryland Fire and Rescue Service. He was also a founding member of the Montgomery County Firefighters Pipes and Drums and was the group's first pipe major. Scott was a skydiving instructor, FAA master parachute rigger, BASE jumper and all-around adrenalin junkie.

More importantly, Scott was a passionate, caring friend and husband. He was known for doing whatever it took to better a situation or help a friend or a stranger in need. Scott passed away on November 18, 2009...please help us in remembering and honoring not only him, but others struggling with similar circumstances.


The Don't Panic Foundation is looking for support in many ways. First, we are seeking allied organizations that support public safety professionals to help get the word out- we want people to know we exist so that if the unthinkable happens, we can get involved early and make a difference. Secondly, we are looking for support in the way of donations and through attendance at our various fundraisers that support the Don't Panic Foundation.Lastly, we are looking for additional medical and legal support. These resources are indispensable when one of our own is injured outside and away from their support system of brother and sister firefighters and police officers.